J&N Ranch: The Birthplace and Future of American Black Hereford Cattle

The American Black Hereford Association began at J&N Ranch in Leavenworth, Kansas. As the birthplace of Black Herefords, it is located along the Missouri River northwest of Kansas City and is home to the Hoagland family’s cattle seed stock business. Joe and Norma began raising registered cattle in 1978 and have produced Hereford, Angus and Black Herefords. Situated along Kansas Highway 5 (Wolcott Road) south of Lansing, the ranch has 2 ½ miles of frontage on the river and produces corn, soybeans and hay. The family’s other farming and ranching interests in Kansas include the Gunbarrel Ranch, the F. Morgan Feedyard and the Decker Farm. Some of those properties have been owned and operated by their family since 1866. Each of these businesses represents a different segment of the beef business – cow/calf, stocker and feeder. Their involvement in a cross section of beef production gives the Hoaglands a unique insight in the development of this new breed. For more information go to www.jnranch.com.

The first Black Hereford was named “BJH Balder 7504,” BJH for Blue Jacket Herefords whose owner had the idea to incorporate the association, and Balder for the bloodline of J&N’s Black Hereford breeding. After starting their herd, the Hoaglands sought approval to establish Black Herefords as a separate breed of cattle. In 2003, Black Herefords received the international breed designation of “HB” for labeling semen worldwide. That same year, the Hoagland family opened the association to other breeders and began selling memberships. Today there are breeders in most States and several countries throughout the World. There are now three associations registering Black Herefords and all trace their breeding back to JN Balder bloodlines.

The ranch has held a sale each year since 1992 and today hosts two production sales per year. Females and horses sell the third Thursday in October and bulls sell the second Saturday in February of each year.