American Black Hereford Journal

Official Publication of the American Black Hereford Association
Member of the Livestock Publication Council

The American Black Hereford Association was incorporated in 1994.  The site of the official registrations began in Leavenworth, Kansas.  The first Black Hereford was born in 1997.  Today, there are Black Hereford cattle breeders in over 30 states and Australia.  The birthplace of the ABHA is J&N Ranch, owned by Joe and Norma Hoagland.  The ranch is now managed by their son, Dirck.  The Hoagland family has owned and operated various cattle and farming operations in Kansas since 1866.  To learn more about their story and the development of Black Herefords, click here, to watch a video.

The Black Hereford Journal began publication in 2012.  The Journal is published 4 times a year.  It serves as a meeting and market place for Black Hereford enthusiasts throughout the United States.  The company also provides genetic evaluation, registration and transfer services for the Australian Black Hereford Association located near Brisbane.  For further information email or call the office at 913-727-1266.

In addition to Black Hereford cattle, J&N Ranch is the nation’s largest producer of Sunflower Supreme Replacement Heifers.  For more information about Black Hereford bulls or Sunflower Supreme females visit or