J&N Ranch: Birthplace of Black Hereford Cattle

As the birthplace of Black Hereford cattle, J&N Ranch hosts the nation’s largest Black Hereford bull sale each year in February and October.

Here are a few comments from some of our customers:

"We bought our first bull from J&N in 2004. Since then we have purchased 14 more. We are located near the Gulf Coast where it is hot and humid. Their bulls perform better than any bulls we have used. More cows bred and calves that top our local market." JEFF GRANGER, Lake Charles, Louisiana

"I’ve bought 9 bulls from J&N Ranch. As a commercial producer, I’ve always found it challenging to maintain maximum heterogeneity in my black-baldy cows, while consistently achieving the phenotypic characteristics that the marketplace prefers. I first became acquainted with the Black Hereford breed in 2016. I recognized quickly the elegant simplicity of a black-hided sire that was 65 to 85% Hereford, genetically. J&N Ranch bulls were a near-perfect match for my low-input, Hereford-Angus commercial cows. These sires have been remarkable in several key areas: excellent calving ease direct, excellent calving ease maternal, outstanding docility, and environmental adaptability." KC OLSON, Professor of Range Management & Beef Nutrition, Kansas State University

"These J&N bulls are docile and easy to handle. They all know how to load into a trailer. We have bought 6 bulls there since 2015." SLADE TILLEY, Bucklin, Kansas

"We have ordered nearly 60,000 straws of semen for use in the New Zealand Dairy industry from J&N Ranch bulls. Our dairy herds often carry the red gene so uniformly black calves command a premium. Plus, the 5-day shorter gestation period in Black Herefords than traditional Herefords, gives our dairymen five more days of milk." SAMEN NZ Ltd., Morrinsville, New Zealand

"I have purchased 13 bulls from J&N Ranch since 2010 for our operation in Utah. Our cattle run at very high elevation and have to be able to range and forage. The J&N genetics have been successful in our environment and have brought great growth, fertility and temperament. We have enjoyed our partnership with J&N Ranch, have always been treated well, and look forward to working with them in the future." BROCK JOHANSEN, Castle Dale, Utah

"We run a primarily closed Brangus herd. We wanted to introduce the J&N Black Hereford bulls to add bone structure and docility to our calves and replacement heifers. We have purchased 13 bulls from them since 2013. The last two years we have had the highest weaning weights we have ever had in the previous 14 years. Also a Black Hereford cross calf will stand up and get going in awfully cold weather, we found out many times. J&N cattle are second to none for hybrid vigor and gentle bulls. The Hoagland family stand behind their excellent cattle and are so pleasant to do business with. We plan on having their genetics in our herd for many years to come."BRET AND NIKI WERNSMAN, Sterling, Colorado

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