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Newspaper and magazine articles about the Hoagland family over the past 40 years are too numerous to list here. Many stories have been written about their pioneering work in cattle breeding. However, the Hoaglands are also one of the largest independent Citrus growers in Texas. Joe served 6 terms in the Kansas State Legislature and was elected Majority Floor Leader. Norma is a former Miss Kansas, model, TV personality, and author. Their son, Dirck, is a member of the Tulane University athletic Hall of Fame as a pitcher for their baseball team. He appeared in the 2001 College World Series.

Here are a few selected articles that have been written both domestically and internationally about this Kansas ranching family and their legacy.

Article about Norma Hoagland

European Landowners Association


Kansas Oral History Project

Video Interview


The Black Hereford Chronicles

Episode 1 Podcast

The Black Hereford Chronicles podcast features Black Hereford news, insightful conversations and interviews with industry movers and shakers. In episode 1 of the podcast, Joe Hoagland discusses the history and potential of the breed.


More News About the Birthplace of Black Herefords          

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J&N Ranch's Family Approach Has Allowed the Hoaglands to Diversify into Multiple Segments of the Agriculture Industry.          

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J&N Ranch develops a cellphone app to track the movements of cattle using facial recognition technology

CountrySide: European Landowners' Orangization Article


J&N Ranch Participates in a Kansas Livestock Foundation / Tennessee Beefoundation Exchange Tour

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Hoagland's Induction into American Black Hereford Association's Hall of Fame

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Hollandse Roots

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FD Magazine

A Knack for Black: Why the Black Hereford has Arrived

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The New Breed: A Legacy, a living and a life on the Great Plains

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