Videos for Fall Production Sale at J&N Ranch

Due to a rapid increase in Covid-19 infection rates in our area, we are unable to hold an in person auction at our ranch on Saturday, October 10, 2020. We will, however, sell all the cattle videoed on our website by taking email or voicemail offers prior to October 10th. Cattle not videoed are out of the sale. We will start the bidding at $2,000 for each lot. At 2:00 pm Central time on October 10th we will close the bidding. Afterwards, we will contact the top three bidders for each lot starting with the lowest, and allow them to change their bid one time based on the high bid to date.

For more information select one of the following:

Lots 33 - 65

Videos for Lots 1 - 32

Videos for Lots 33 - 65